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Luis O’Shea

Luis O’Shea

Director, Burgiss

As head of applied research, Luis O’Shea is responsible for overseeing all of Burgiss’ applied-research engagements with clients as well as writing and publishing the firm’s research papers and briefs. Before joining Burgiss in 2016, he held a series of research roles at BlackRock, Axioma, MSCI and RiskMetrics in New York City. Luis holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics from University College Dublin and a doctorate in mathematics from Cornell University.

Research and Insights

Articles by Luis O’Shea

    Open- vs. Closed-End Real Estate Funds: How the Choice Mattered

    8 mins read Blog | Mar 30, 2021 | Luis O’Shea, Bryan Reid, Bert Teuben

    The aggregate performance of closed- and open-end real estate funds in the U.S. was strikingly similar in recent years, despite large differences in their strategy and roles in portfolios. But did some investors gain an edge through fund selection?