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Raman Subramanian

Raman Subramanian

Managing Director, MSCI Research

Raman Aylur Subramanian leads MSCI’s solutions research, which focuses on strategic and client-directed research and designs, develops and delivers services and products for clients. He has been at MSCI since 1999 and specialized over the years in index construction and asset allocation. Raman is a member of MSCI’s committees for equity and fixed-income indexes. Before joining MSCI, he worked in the Indian petroleum industry, where he worked on sales and product management. Raman holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in petroleum engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, a Master of Business Administration from Anna University and a master’s degree in international management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Additionally, he is a CFA charterholder®.

Research and Insights

Articles by Raman Subramanian

    Finding Value: Understanding Factor Investing

    Research Report | Nov 1, 2023 | Anil Rao, Raman Subramanian, Abhishek Gupta, Altaf Kassam

    We examine how value investing could be implemented in a passive portfolio, using three generations of value indexes as a starting point for creating investment vehicles: traditional value, value- or fundamentally weighted and high-exposure value.

    India's Leap into Lunar Exploration and the Global Economy

    2 mins read Quick Take | Aug 23, 2023 | Rohit Gupta, Raman Subramanian

    Beyond the symbolic nature of being the first to land on the moon's south pole, this feat underscores India's shift towards technology-driven innovation and could mark an expanding global role and increasing prominence in global equity portfolios. 

    Better Together: Policy Benchmarks, Active Equity and ESG

    Research Report | Jan 25, 2021 | Anil Rao, Zoltán Nagy, Guido Giese, Raman Subramanian

    As we’ve previously demonstrated, incorporating firm-level ESG characteristics into portfolio construction can preserve, and even improve, risk and return relative to the broad market. Here we follow-up by asking how an allocator can integrate ESG considerations efficiently across multiple portfolios in its equity program.

    Game of Homes: Is winter coming for the domestic-equity bias?

    Blog | Apr 30, 2019 | Raman Aylur Subramanian, Anil Rao, Raman Subramanian

    Can we quantify home-bias risk in an allocation? And, what has happened when U.S. stocks ended previous multiyear runs of outperformance?

    Does Turkey offer lessons for managing emerging-market currency volatility?

    Blog | Aug 15, 2018 | Raman Aylur Subramanian, Raman Subramanian

    The recent 40% drop in the Turkish lira is part of a long-term trend of rising emerging-market currency volatility. Typically, investors do not hedge this exposure. Is it time to reconsider this approach?

    Return of the Cyclicals

    Blog | Jan 19, 2017 | Raman Aylur Subramanian, Subramanian Aylur, Raman Subramanian

    U.S. equity investors in 2016 experienced a roller coaster ride. The U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union and the U.S. presidential election each resulted in sharp market moves. Together, the two events contributed to a shift in the underlying fabric of equity markets starting in the second half of the year.