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S.K. Kim

S.K. Kim

Senior Associate, MSCI Research

SK Kim’s research covers ESG in the global consumer-discretionary and industrial sectors, with a focus on labor rights and other social issues. She has published research on labor unions and #MeToo, as well as a paper analyzing the track record palm-oil producers and buyers in meeting deforestation targets. SK is also a specialist in ESG in Korea and has published a Korea ESG snapshot report, highlighting major ESG themes in the Korean market, and a thematic report on workplace safety risks in South Korea. SK holds a master’s degree in finance from Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance in Shanghai Jiaotong University and a B.A. in English language and literature from Ewha Womans University.

Research and Insights

Articles by S.K. Kim

    Retail, Hotels and Restaurants Face Labor Challenges

    2 mins read Quick Take | Sep 30, 2022 | S.K. Kim

    Inflationary pressures and looming labor shortages might escalate two key challenges for retailers, hotels and restaurants: squeezed profit margins and rising demands for a living wage. We identify  companies that might be particularly vulnerable.

    Regulatory Risk Rises for South Korean Employers

    5 mins read Blog | Sep 14, 2021 | S.K. Kim

    Are South Korean companies ready to deal with the country’s new workplace-safety law? Our research finds that many of those companies — often located in the machinery and metals and mining industries — are ill-prepared.