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    China Through an ESG Lens

    Research Report | Oct 8, 2019 | Xiaoshu Wang

    Chinese domestic investors and issuers are moving fast to incorporate ESG considerations in their decision making, prodded by regulatory initiatives to promote ESG practices and disclosure. At the same time, there are shortages of skilled talent, rising consumer expectations around product safety, growing climate awareness and increased expectations for shareholder rights.

    Decoding China's Green Development Strategies in the 13th Five Year Plan

    Research Report | Apr 21, 2016 | Katherine Han , Frank Li , Xiaoshu Wang

    China’s new 13th Five Year Plan continues to emphasize green economic development, introducing an energy use cap and carbon reduction targets. In parallel, policies focused on renewables, clean tech, green finance, and reform of overcapacity SOEs support these targets, creating opportunities for corporate leaders and laggards to emerge.

    China's Economic Transformation: A New Era of ESG Opportunity

    Research Report | Jul 3, 2015 | Emily Chew , Shuyuan Jin , Frank Li , Xiaoshu Wang , Sabrina Zhang

    As China embarks on the final few months of the 12th Five Year Plan, President Xi Jinping's administration faces some difficult policy choices. The economic slowdown is converging with a multitude of other challenges previously seen as secondary to economic goals. Natural resource scarcity due to overuse and to industrial pollution has become one of the restricting factors on economic development. Environmental pollution has alarmed the public and precipitated protests in some regions. China...