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Alan Brett

Alan Brett
Executive Director, ESG Research

About the Contributor

Alan Brett, Head of Corporate Governance Ratings Research, is responsible for research on corporate governance including ratings methodology and research commentary and leads MSCI’s team of specialist corporate governance analysts. Previously, Alan served as as Head of Research at global proxy advisor, Manifest. Alan holds a B.A. in Corporate Administration from Waterford Institute of Technology and a Pg Dip in Corporate Governance from Bournemouth University.

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  1. PAPER

    Assessing Control: Measuring And Assessing The Alignment Between Economic Exposure And Voting Power At Controlled Companies 

    Apr 25, 2019 Alan Brett

    Investing (Investment Management) , Portfolio Construction and Optimization , Responsible Investing

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    Where the controlling owners of a company have voting power that is disproportionate to their economic exposure, the company’s minority investors face some degree of increased risk. MSCI ESG Research’s ownership model enhances the ability of minority investors to assess ownership-related risks or benefits across two dimensions; it measures the level of control, and illuminates the motivations of the controlling entities. We extend this model by adding a third dimension, by measuring the extent to which economic exposure and voting power are disproportionate, regardless of the control mechanisms involved. This new framework could assist investors in assessing governance risk or in prioritizing company engagements.

  2. BLOG

    Need a Lyft? Why the IPO blew a tire 

    Apr 10, 2019 Matt Moscardi , Alan Brett

    Equity Themes , ESG Research , Risk Management

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    A week into the highly publicized IPO for Lyft Inc., the ride-sharing company, it’s hard to say it went exactly as planned.

  3. PAPER

    Proxy Access - 2017 Engagement Focus 

    Jan 6, 2017 Hoang Nguyen , Alan Brett

    Responsible Investing

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    Should entrenched boards be the priority for shareholders? We review proxy access adoption rates in the US and identify that while significant progress has been made, the companies that have adopted proxy access were mostly companies who were already inclined towards stronger shareholder rights, while the companies with entrenched boards, who might actually benefit most from shareholder nominations, have generally not yet been targeted.