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Brendan Baker

Brendan Baker
Senior Associate, MSCI Research

About the Contributor

Brendan Baker is a member of the MSCI ESG Research team. He focuses on climate research and working with clients on climate-risk analysis. Previously, Brendan served as a manager on the investor-initiatives team at CDP. He holds a master’s degree in environment and resource management from Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit and a bachelor’s degree in nanotechnology from Curtin University.

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  1. BLOG

    Scope 3 Carbon Emissions: Seeing the Full Picture 

    Sep 17, 2020 Brendan Baker

    ESG Research

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    How can investors identify emissions throughout the value chain of companies in their portfolios? We explain what these “Scope 3” emissions are, why they are so important and what actions investors can take as they seek to manage resulting risks.

  2. PAPER

    TCFD-based reporting: A practical guide for institutional investors 

    Aug 8, 2019 Brendan Baker

    Asset Pricing and Valuation , Investing (Investment Management) , Responsible Investing , Risk Management

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    This guide aims to support institutional investors who intend to follow the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures’ recommendations for reporting on their climate-related risk management processes. Climate-related risks pose a potential threat to the long-term resilience of portfolios, and there is a growing regulatory focus on investors’ climate risk management practices and disclosures. Approaches for developing a climate change strategy depend on the investor’s objectives, investment strategy and time horizon. All approaches require robust data and analytics to identify risks and opportunities, measure portfolio exposure, assess potential vulnerability, and inform the best course of action to manage those risks.