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Bruno Rauis

Bruno Rauis
Executive Director, MSCI Research

About the Contributor

Bruno Rauis is a member of the MSCI ESG Research team. He focuses on climate research and working with clients on climate risk analysis. Previously, Bruno was a director in Citi’s Asia-Pacific Credit Trading team. He holds a Master of Management Engineering from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and an MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change from the London School of Economics.

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Contributions by Bruno Rauis


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  1. PAPER

    Foundations of Climate Investing: How Equity Markets Have Priced Climate-Transition Risks 

    Sep 1, 2021 Guido Giese , Bruno Rauis , Zoltán Nagy

    Investing (Investment Management) , Responsible Investing , Asset Pricing and Valuation

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  2. BLOG

    Why Is Climate-Transition Risk High in High Yield? 

    May 6, 2021 Bruno Rauis , Juan Sampieri , Andy Sparks

    ESG Research , Fixed Income , Risk Management

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    Investors increasingly focus on building greener portfolios. Some might expect bonds to be less exposed to climate-transition risk compared to equities, due to the seniority of bonds in the capital structure. But does that logic hold at the portfolio level?

  3. BLOG

    How Have Stocks Responded to Changes in Climate Policy? 

    Mar 1, 2021 Guido Giese , Zoltán Nagy , Bruno Rauis

    ESG Research , Global Investing

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    To what extent has climate risk been priced into equity markets? Is there a “brown” discount and a “green” premium? Has this shifted over time? How can we model such risks as the world moves toward net-zero targets? We examine the financial impact of climate transition risk on global equity markets.

  4. BLOG

    Climate Transition and Bonds: Risk or Opportunity? 

    Feb 23, 2021 Bruno Rauis , Juan Sampieri , Andy Sparks

    ESG Research , Fixed Income , Risk Management

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    The transition to a low-carbon economy could significantly redirect the flow of investments toward greener companies and technologies that limit carbon emissions. We consider the potential risk — and opportunity — for bond investors.

  5. BLOG

    Managing Climate Risk in Equity Portfolios: A Case Study 

    Jul 15, 2020 Bruno Rauis , Zoltán Nagy

    ESG Research , Global Investing

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    Institutional investors are increasingly focused on mitigating their climate-related risks. How could a “typical” active global equity manager have managed these exposures without disturbing the portfolio’s risk and return characteristics?

  6. Investors are increasingly concerned about how climate change and a transition to a low-carbon economy could impact the risk and return profile of their portfolios. In this case study, we selected a sample portfolio representative of a global actively managed fund in terms of its risk-return characteristics and used the MSCI Climate Value-at-Risk model to examine the different dimensions of climate-related risks. We show how Climate VaR can be used to measure climate risks for the portfolio as a whole, as well as further explore which sectors, countries and securities were driving these risks in the portfolio.