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Gaurav Trivedi

Gaurav Trivedi
Vice President, MSCI Research

About the Contributor

Gaurav Trivedi leads research and development for MSCI ESG Research. He focuses on new-product development and expanding the suite of alternative data for model enhancements in ESG research offerings. Prior to MSCI, Gaurav worked in risk consulting services at KPMG, where he focused on providing market and sector analysis to clients in infrastructure. He holds an MBA in finance from ICFAI University and a B.E. in electronics and communications from North Gujarat University, India.

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Contributions by Gaurav Trivedi


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  1. BLOG

    The Doctor Is Making House Calls: Capturing Exposure to Telehealth 

    Dec 16, 2020 Manuel Rueda , Gaurav Trivedi

    Factor Investing , ESG Research

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    Telehealth has the potential to reduce inequalities in access to care as well as relieve strain on health systems. We tested an approach that combines natural-language processing and MSCI ESG Ratings screens.

  2. BLOG

    Corporate ESG Disclosure: A Health & Safety Case Study 

    Sep 24, 2020 Samantha Sue Ping , Gaurav Trivedi , Ping Sue

    ESG Research

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    How good a job are corporations doing in disclosing ESG policies and data to investors and other stakeholders? We took an in-depth look at reporting of health & safety disclosures. Our findings confirmed some common assumptions and upended others.

  3. BLOG


    Aug 25, 2020 Guillermo Cano , Gaurav Trivedi

    ESG Research

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    从 2013 年 12 月到 2020 年 5 月,“绿色”公司的表现大致与 MSCI全球市场可投资市场指数(IMI)持平,而化石燃料公司的表现则逊于该指数。

  4. BLOG

    Is There a Green-to-Fossil-Fuel Premium? 

    Aug 25, 2020 Guillermo Cano , Gaurav Trivedi

    ESG Research

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    As investors evaluate the possible reallocation of capital around the transition toward a low-carbon future, we analyzed the characteristics and performance of companies engaged in green versus carbon-intensive activities. Was there evidence of a “green-to-fossil-fuel premium”?

  5. Japan’s government has set goals for increasing women’s participation and promotion in the business world, a policy that research shows could have substantial benefits for Japanese firms and the overall economy. Women are a historically underutilized resource in Japan; their greater participation and advancement in the workforce could have substantial benefits for the Japanese economy and long-term portfolio returns. The Japan Empowering Women Index (WIN) aims to overweight companies whose gender-diversity initiatives and track record are above average for their respective sectors as measured by recruitment, retention and promotion among top companies in the MSCI Japan IMI.

  6. 低迷する経済成長の中で、日本は職場における女性に着目し始めている。日本では歴史的に女性は充分には活用されてこなかったが、女性参画が進み、職場で活躍することは日本経済を利するという調査がある。日本政府は、ビジネス社会において女性の参画と昇進を増やすという明示的な目標を設定した。

  7. PAPER


    Jun 3, 2015 Gaurav Trivedi , Matt Moscardi , Manish Shakdwipee

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    Since our analysis in December 2013 on the diversity of tax rates paid by MSCI World companies, the regulatory outlook has shifted substantially. In our updated analysis, we identify 243 companies (out of 1,093 relevant1 companies within the MSCI World Index constituents) as having a large tax gap, paying an average rate of 17.7%, versus 34.0%, if these companies were paying taxes in the jurisdictions where they generate revenues.