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Harlan Tufford

Harlan Tufford
Vice President, MSCI Research

About the Contributor

Harlan Tufford leads MSCI’s corporate-governance research in North America. Prior to joining MSCI, he helped clients in Canada, the United States and globally perform board evaluations, addressing issues such as board effectiveness, succession planning and director compensation. He has extensive experience conducting corporate-governance research and holds a bachelor’s degree, with honors, from the University of Toronto.

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  1. BLOG

    CEO Compensation: Paying Up for Mediocrity 

    Mar 22, 2021 Harlan Tufford

    ESG Research

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    Are companies aligning CEO pay with long-term performance? Or, put another way, are directors incentivizing executives to drive the long-term success of the companies they run? We found evidence that pay and performance are misaligned for many U.S. CEOs.