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Blastin’ E[sg]-Cigs and the EPA

20 mins listen April 28, 2023

There is a considerate environmental cost to e-cigarettes. The critical metals that make up their batteries are more likely to be found in landfills than recycling facilities. Not only does this pose a problem for the environment but regulators are starting to take notice. In this episode, we discuss the environmental problem of e-cigarettes and what may be done to address it. Then, we discuss the ambitious new regulation on tail pipe emissions by the US Environmental Protection Agency that might be the most ambitious air quality regulation ever.

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Aura Toader

Senior Associate, MSCI Research

Yu Ishihara

Executive Director, MSCI Research

MSCI ESG Research
Special thanks to Margarita Grabert and Gabriela De La Serna for their help with this episode.

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