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The US Infrastructure Deal

23 mins listen November 12, 2021

A USD 1 trillion deal is scheduled to be signed into law by US President Biden on Monday, November 12. The deal, in the White House’s words, is imperative for the US to meet its commitment to reduce U.S. emissions by 50-52% from 2005 levels in 2030, create a 100% carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035, and achieve a net-zero economy by 2050. It allocates funds toward updating the US transportation system, its energy infrastructure, its climate resiliency, and its water system. We discussed how these plans move from the political stratosphere to the more habitable land of economic stimulus.

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Yu Ishihara

Executive Director, MSCI Research

Mathew Lee

Senior Associate, MSCI Research

Chris Cote

Vice President, MSCI Research

Gillian Mollod

Vice President, MSCI Research

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