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Real Insights, Q3 2020

Listen below to the latest in our regular series of Real Insights webinars where we dissect the recent index results and provide research insights for global private real estate and infrastructure markets.

For this session, Will Robson, MSCI’s Global Head of Real Estate Solutions Research will is joined by Michael Acton, AEW to discuss how global markets continue to respond to the pandemic and how things may evolve for the remainder of the year. 

Using the latest data from MSCI’s global fund- and asset-level indexes as well as national market results we specifically explore how income has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
We also focus on how property exposure to climate differs across the globe by looking at the Climate Value-at-Risk generated from both physical and transition risks, and compare this to other markets and asset classes.

Sept 17, 2020




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