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Real Insights Webinar Series, Q2 2020

How has the COVID-19 outbreak impacted global real estate markets, and what can we learn from past corrections?
Please listen below for the latest in our regular series of Real Insights webinars were we discuss the most recent index results and research insights for global private real estate and infrastructure markets.
For this session, Will Robson, MSCI’s Global Head of Real Estate Solutions Research and Liz Troni, CBRE Global Investors discuss how global markets have responded to the pandemic and what past experience might be able to teach us. Using the latest data from MSCI’s global fund- and asset-level indexes as well as national market results. They explore how the pandemic has impacted investment performance so far and use insights from recent research to help shed light on topics like how lease lengths can impact performance and why attribution analysis may be particularly useful in a crisis.

June 10, 2020




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