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The Protein Transformation: A Critical Driver of the Net-Zero Economy

The global food system is one of the major drivers of climate change, biodiversity loss and depletion of freshwater resources. A shift toward more plant-based food may help reduce these environmental impacts and align the food-production system with a 1.5°C warming scenario. In this paper, we looked at current trends toward traditional plant-based and alternative proteins and potential transition risks to food companies’ valuations.


Contribution of Sub-sectors within the Food Systems to Global GHG Emissions (2015)

Reporting Requirements for Countries Covered by Modern Slavery Regulations

Source: Crippa, M., Solazzo, E., Guizzardi, D., Monforti-Ferrario, F., Tubiello, F.N. and Leip, A. 2021. "Food systems are responsible for a third of global anthropogenic GHG emissions." Nature Food, March 2021.

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