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The SFDR’s Articles 8 and 9: The Funds Behind the Labels

The EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) was created to combat “greenwashing” by fostering better transparency for investment vehicles that promote themselves as sustainable and to label those funds clearly and consistently for investors. We looked at the ESG characteristics of 207 funds of the top 15 equity and mixed-asset fund managers to see which, if any, already had disclosed information about their funds.

ESG Ratings of Self-Disclosed Article 8 Funds

MSCI Fund ESG Ratings distribution for the 207 funds of the top 15 asset managers by AUM that had been categorized as Article 8 funds by their managers as of March 2021. Our Fund ESG Ratings use a momentum-based model to rate funds under our coverage. Sources: MSCI ESG Research, as of May 25, 2021; fund prospectuses and fund manager websites.

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