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2022 ESG Ratings and ESG Controversies Model Enhancements for Corporate Issuers

In December 2021, MSCI ESG Research conducted its ninth ESG Ratings model consultation and gathered client feedback on proposed enhancements to the ESG Ratings and ESG Controversies models. Based on the feedback we received, we will be releasing important enhancements to the models this year and next year. This will include changes to the ESG Controversies methodology, including introduction of a “Partially Concluded” controversy case status, and enhancements to the Climate Change Theme in ESG Ratings.  

Join us for this seminar to learn more about these enhancements, details on when these changes will be implemented, and other important updates from the ESG Issuer Communications team.  

Agenda Topics 

  • Why are we rolling out these model enhancements? 
  • What exactly will change? 
  • What is the expected impact on ESG Ratings and ESG Controversies?  
  • Timing of the roll-out schedule 
  • ESG issuer communications updates 
  • Q&A 

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Apr 13 2022

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