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2023 MSCI Implied Temperature Rise (ITR) Model Consultation

On January 13 2023, MSCI ESG Research will kicked off its first MSCI Implied Temperature Rise (ITR) consultation. The consultation provides clients with an opportunity to provide feedback on proposed enhancements to this key climate alignment model launched in September 2021. 

Watch on-demand our virtual event where we will walk through the proposed changes. Investor clients are invited to review the consultation document and provide feedback in an online survey by February 10 2023.   

This consultation will focus on five key model enhancements: 

  • Switch to 1.5°C, granular, transparent pathways 
  • Change in modeling time horizon from 2070 to 2050
  • Target credibility assessment
  • Budget rollover (including market-share adjustment and subtracted realized emissions)
  • Use of reported scope 3 data where appropriate 

We also displayed high-level results of these proposed changes on MSCI ACWI IMI companies.

Watch the session on-demand. 

Jan 19 2023

Virtual Platform


Virtual Platform

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Event Speakers

Tanguy Séné

Vice President, MSCI Research | MSCI

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Helen Droz

Executive Director Climate Risk and Product Research | MSCI

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Jan Abrell

Vice President Climate Risk Center | MSCI

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