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A Quarter of Two Tales: Inflation Woes and Geopolitical Tensions

While investors were already dealing with a lot of uncertainty due to emergence of inflationary challenges not seen in decades, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has added to it. There has been continued market rotation in the second half of the quarter with the added risk of geopolitical tension and increased volatility.
Join this webinar where our experts share insights on the Q1 market performance in this highly volatile macro regime and market rotation post-war through the lens of factor, sector, and countries performance. 

In this webinar, we will also discuss the implication of globalization on global asset allocation and stress-test various scenarios to assess the potential impact on global diversified multi-asset-class portfolios. To see if history provided any lessons, we take a longer view and see how market performance and volatility have been affected in historical episodes of war.

Agenda topics
•    Factor, sector and countries performance in overall quarter and post war
•    Implication of globalization on asset allocation
•    Impact of Historical Episodes of War

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April 20, 2022


11:00 am EDT


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