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Australia Property Investment Webinar, Q2 2017 Results

MSCI will present its Q2 results as Australian assets are being transacted at record low yields, resulting in investors and managers exploring for alternatives. After hotels, healthcare & student housing have seen an increase in interest over the last couple of years, investing in residential seems to be the latest hot topic. This webinar will provide an insight into the long term performance of residential in markets overseas. Although seen as an alternative sector in Australia, residential is a well-established core sector in markets like the US, Japan & Continental Europe. The second half of the session will be a panel discussion of industry experts from different backgrounds to reflect on the latest market trends and exchange thoughts on future opportunities and threats.

MSCI’s real estate indexes provide investment returns and insight in the drivers of performance for the commercial property market in Australia. The Australian direct property index tracks the performance of c1,400 property investments, with a total capital value of $172 billion AUD.

10 Sep, 2017






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