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ESG Investment Implications in Emerging Markets

Investing in emerging markets can carry a high degree of risk, not least from the threat of social and political instability. Various industry reports and academic research suggest that "tail risk" - the risk of unlikely events causing catastrophic damage - may be reduced in an emerging markets portfolio that has limited its exposure to environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks. However, emerging market asset managers keen to utilize ESG analysis often face significant information problems.

So what are the key ESG investment and governance issues across sectors that institutional investors with exposure to Emerging Markets are really concerned about? And how can investors go about identifying ESG trends and opportunities in Emerging Markets? Last but not least, what are the potential implications of these ESG risks, how can they be measured and benchmarked?
Listen and view this webinar recording where MSCI ESG Research, Investec, SinCo and AfricaSIF.org experts discussed how institutional investors with exposure to Emerging Markets can support key structural reforms while integrating ESG factors into their investment processes; and how investors can identify and assess key ESG risks in Emerging Markets companies.
The event was hosted by Noel Friedman, Executive Director, MSCI ESG Research, and speakers include:

  • Linda-Eling Lee, Executive Director, MSCI ESG Research
  • Dr Thomas Kuh, Executive Director, MSCI ESG Indices
  • Graham Sinclair, Principal, SinCo & President, AfricaSIF.org
  • Therese Niklasson, Head of ESG Research, Investec

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