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ESG Investment Implications in the Food and Beverage Sector

World population growth, increasing healthcare costs, climate change and a range of other catalysts are transforming global food production and nutrition concerns into potential material investment issues for companies and investors alike.

World food prices have reached record levels, and show few signs of abating short-term. Low-income consumers in the developing world have been hit especially hard, with ripple effects spreading around the globe. The long-term food outlook is no better. Climate change is having a further destabilizing effect on agriculture and food production. Today two billion people, or approximately 30% of global population, suffer from undernutrition. In parallel the rising prevalence of obesity in both developed and developing countries has alarmed experts and become a major public health concern.

So how can the worlds’ leading food and beverage producers become committed to source ingredients from sustainable sources to shrink their global environmental footprints? And with over 90 percent of food and beverages in the developed world, and a growing percentage in developing markets being provided by the private sector, how can companies can play a key role in combating malnutrition? What’s the performance impact of non-sustainable food and beverage companies on investment portfolios and, ultimately, on the global economy?

MSCI ESG Research, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), UKSIF and Investec cordially invite you to a seminar in London where experts from the industry will identify key ESG issues in the food and beverage sector, assess their macro-economic impact on commodity prices and pricing and present some of the innovative initiatives designed to address the world’s access to food production and nutrition challenges. During the session, GAIN Health and MSCI's ESG Research team will also speak about the upcoming "Access to Nutrition Index," which will track the best-in-class practices of a core index of 25 of the world's leading food and beverage manufacturers, plus three spotlight indices focused on companies operating in India, Mexico and South Africa.

Click here to read the MSCI Research Insight on Better Access to Nutrition: A Growing Challenge for Food Producers.


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