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Exploring Frontier Markets

MSCI is pleased to invite you to a webinar where we will discuss Frontier Markets -today's fledgling markets that may be reminiscent of Emerging Markets in the 1980s. We show that Frontier Markets offer the potential for strong and sustained economic growth rates, together with diversification benefits due to their low correlation with other markets.

We will review the risk and return characteristics of Frontier Markets and introduce the MSCI Frontier Markets 100 Index. This new index includes 100 of the largest and most liquid constituents of the parent index, the MSCI Frontier Markets Index. The index is designed to provide broad representation of the Frontier Markets, yet with enhanced tradability relative to the parent index.

Agenda Topics Include:
  • What are frontier markets?
  • The risk and return characteristics of frontier markets versus emerging and developed markets
  • The correlations of frontier markets with emerging and developed markets
  • Key industry and style differences between frontier and emerging markets

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