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Getting to Grips with Climate Metrics: A Comprehensive Webinar

Current industry debates around climate investing have raised the urgency of understanding, measuring, monitoring, and mitigating not only financial risks arising from climate change, but also the impact of investments on climate change. Policy makers and industry bodies have taken a deep interest in climate investing and have proposed several climate metrics to support investors in measuring and monitoring their portfolio’s climate-change exposure and performance. 

These climate metrics may differ substantially in terms of their scope and objectives, making it imperative that market participants understand which ones can help in meeting strategy-specific goals and requirements. Investors may also need to consider different metrics at the different stages of their climate-investment process, adding to the challenges.

In this webinar, our researchers will discuss how market participants can identify and use suitable climate metrics to achieve their climate-investing objectives. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of climate metrics in your investments.

Guido Giese, MD ESG & Climate Solutions Research, MSCI  
Manish ShakdwipeeED ESG & Climate Solutions Research MSCI 
Chris CoteVP ESG & Climate Research, MSCI
Patrick Du PlessisGlobal Head of Risk Monitoring, Norges Bank 

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Feb 16, 2023


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