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Governance Metrics Enhancements - EMEA & Americas

We are pleased to introduce our enhanced Governance Metrics reports, which highlight relevant corporate governance information for institutional investors in a new, streamlined format.  
The new reports will also be available in the Corporate Governance Details section of our flagship product, MSCI ESG Ratings.


• NEW TEARSHEET AND REDESIGNED REPORT make it easier to see the issues most relevant to each company, including how they change over time:
o Key drivers of governance risk
o Insights into how ownership structure may impact governance priorities
o History of governance performance, including key metric changes

• MORE GRAPHICS to make it easier to spot important information at a glance:
o Newly designed board table highlighting director tenure, independence, industry expertise and other key drivers of board performance
o New executive pay table with easy-to-read peer comparisons, allowing you to quickly identify outliers 
o New pay v performance graphs featuring both awarded pay and realized pay, to understand both the intent and outcome of CEO pay packages 

• ADAPTABLE FORMAT to highlight regional differences, including:
o France: joint auditors and their respective fees
o Germany: details on members of both the supervisory and management boards
o Japan: cross-shareholdings and audit boards

Watch our Governance Metrics Enhancements Webinar for a thorough review of the new reports.

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