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How to Best Utilize MSCI ESG DataMetrics: Quantitative and Trend Analysis

With awareness of ESG issues growing, access to the underlying metrics that support MSCI ESG Research's analyst assessments, as well as historical data, may prove fundamentally important. Quantitative ESG data and metrics may be a crucial step in facilitating ESG integration and analysis as it is designed to increase transparency, confidence and understanding.  Because of our global expertise and coverage, MSCI ESG Research can further provide its clients with a comprehensive set of data and metrics across sectors to help facilitate quantitative analysis, develop proprietary ESG models, report on ESG and portfolio footprints, or engage with issuers.

Listen to this recorded  webinar where we discussed how the MSCI ESG DataMetrics product offering can be leveraged to answer the following questions:

  • How does the carbon footprint of my portfolio compare to the carbon footprint of selected benchmarks like the MSCI World or the MSCI ESG World Indices?
  • What proportion of MSCI World Index companies has a target for water consumption reduction? What is the nature of these targets?
  • What are the key trends in health & safety for companies? Have these companies improved disclosure and mitigation of their health & safety risks?

The session was moderated by Perrine Dutronc, Head of ESG Business and Product Management, Europe, and featured the following MSCI ESG Research speakers:

  • Hewson Baltzell, Head of ESG Product Development
  • Larry Lawrence, ESG Product Development

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