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Introducing MSCI Economic Exposure Indices

Globalization and the rapid integration of markets have challenged index providers to explore alternative approaches to categorizing the global equity universe. Many companies conduct business globally and are exposed to the economies of multiple countries and regions. The MSCI Economic Exposure Indices bring a new dimension to the construction of global equity indices.


The MSCI Economic Exposure Indices aim to reflect the performance of companies with significant exposure to specific regions or countries, regardless of their domicile. MSCI has developed a consistent and transparent methodology for estimating a firm’s economic exposure using the geographic distribution of its revenues, despite the many disparities in the way companies report their sales across geographic segments. These indices can serve as an alternative to the country factor which is traditionally derived from a security’s country of domicile and primary listing.


The first series of MSCI Economic Exposure Indices focus on emerging markets exposure through developed markets listed companies.


Agenda Topics Include:
  • Defining and Estimating Economic Exposure
  • Constructing MSCI Economic Exposure Indices: Methodology
  • Performance Characteristics of MSCI Economic Exposure Indices
  • Comparing MSCI Economic Exposure Indices with traditional MSCI Indices

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