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Introducing the Barra US Sector Equity Model Family

MSCI recently announced a new suite of strategy specific equity models, the Barra US Sector Equity Models. Please join for a webinar where we introduce and provide an overview of the new models.

Each sector has a unique risk and return profile. Sector profiles are different from the total US market and from each other. An investment manager focused on a sector specific investment strategy can gain better insight and construct more meaningful portfolios through alignment of the Barra US Sector Equity Models and the investment universe of their strategy.

The Barra US Sector Model family is designed for managers who invest within sectors in the US equity market. MSCI provides ten sector-specific models and an integrated version that combines the individual sector models. These models leverage MSCI’s experience in building single-country, multi-factor equity models and indexes. They incorporate latest research and innovations, including Systematic Equity Strategies (SES), Volatility Regime Adjustment and Optimization Bias. The Barra US Sector Model family is created to align with the investment strategy and investment universe to deliver insights into drivers of risk and return.

To learn more about the Barra US Sector Equity Model family, please review the factsheet. You can also submit your information and our specialists will contact you.

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