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MSCI Climate Week NYC 2023 - CECP & MSCI: Bridging the Gap Between the CSO and the Board

How can boards maintain credibility and accountability for the organization's sustainability performance.? Companies are increasingly being challenged by shareholders and other stakeholders to back net-zero goals with action and to demonstrate an integrated approach to governing climate-related risks and opportunities. Governance is a crucial topic in the context of climate and sustainability reporting efforts, particularly when it comes to bridging the gap between the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) and the board of directors.

Watch the on-demand version of the panel discussion where we brought together business leaders at the forefront of sustainable business to engage in discussion about how governance is an essential pillar in establishing mechanisms for transparent reporting and disclosure of climate and sustainability-related information, enabling organizations to effectively address sustainability challenges and leverage opportunities for a more sustainable future.


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Sep 21 2023


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