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MSCI Equity Analytics webinar

The Future of Equity Analytics – New Tools for a New Decade

MSCI invites you to listen to our MSCI Equity Analytics Webinar. Due to COVID-19 we have made the decision to amend this in person event to a recorded webinar.

Equity managers today are increasingly required to customize strategies to solve specific client needs, and to clearly communicate exposures and return drivers, all while managing multiple sources of new and alternative datasets and operating efficiently and at scale.

At MSCI we continue to innovate by bringing cutting edge research to market, providing a range of services for building and managing custom models, and introducing factor classification standards to enhance communication with clients.

Hear from MSCI experts in research and portfolio construction as they review growing trends in equity analytics. We will also update you on our latest research, and present use cases to build custom strategies, with an emphasis on sustainability-focused and tax-aware portfolios.

Agenda topics

Trends in equity analytics

From models to data time series: innovations in factor research

Portfolio construction use cases
       Tax-aware optimization
       Building factor-rotation (parametric) portfolios
       Building sustainability-focused portfolios

Models your way: building and managing custom models

March 5, 2020




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