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MSCI in Practice: Swiss Climate Scores with MSCI's Climate Analytic

In late June 2022 the Federal Council launched the Swiss Climate Scores, a voluntary regulation that provides institutional and private investors with a framework for the information required to assess their contributions to international climate goals. 

The indicators including emissions, fossil-fuel exposures, net-zero commitments, and global warming potential are considered best practice to establish transparency on alignment with global climate goals.  

Join MSCI Executive Director for Global ESG Index Product Christine Chardonnens, Climate Change Specialist Consultant Kyra Gibhardt and Product Specialist Savneet Mehar as they discuss how institutional investors can look to achieve forward-looking climate transparency at the product level and make better investment decisions contributing to attainment of climate goals through the regulation.  

Learn how to put Swiss Climate Scores into practice, powered by MSCI’s comprehensive climate analytics and reporting solutions and how to build Swiss Climate Scores-aligned portfolios leveraging MSCI’s climate indexes. 

Topics include

  • Mapping MSCI climate solutions to the Swiss Climate Scores 
  • Portfolio construction using MSCI Climate Action indexes 
  • Monitoring and reporting on the Swiss Climate Scores with MSCI Climate Analytics solutions 
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Nov 10, 2022


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