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MSCI In Practice: Total Portfolio Carbon Footprinting – a baseline for a Net-Zero transition

2021 saw a wealth of commitments by investors to align with global climate goals. But for every net-zero promise - a clear plan of action is needed to demonstrate how investors intend to reduce emissions across both investment and lending activities.

Understanding the carbon footprint across a total portfolio helps establish an emissions baseline to then measure, monitor and manage strategies against in the transition to net-zero. 

On September 27, Bryan Murphy, Head of ESG & Climate Fixed Income, MSCI will be joined by Thomas Verbraken, Executive Director in Solutions Research, and Jérôme Petigny, Climate Change leader, Desjardins.

In this webinar we will discuss;

  • How to understand and measure your complete emissions footprint across a total portfolio
  • Aligning with The Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) and their Global GHG Accounting and Reporting Standard across asset classes
  • Using Total Portfolio Footprinting in your net-zero journey from portfolio construction to reporting and complying with regulations and standards including TCFD
  • Practical application of the Total Portfolio Footprinting solution on equity and fixed income portfolios
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Sept 27, 2022

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