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MSCI Real Estate Nordic Research Webinar

Over the last 18 months we have seen the COVID-19 pandemic accelerate disruption in real estate markets and the dispersion of results has increased the importance of transparency and insight for the asset class. Real Estate portfolio managers have been praised for their asset selection skills but are they equipped to deal with the increasing pace of change? And will our understanding of what constitutes selection evolve too? Property type and geography have long been the bedrock upon which strategy and analysis in real estate are built but are there other factors we could use to help us better understand the sources of risk and return in real estate portfolios?

Listen below to the MSCI Real Estate‚Äôs Nordic Research Webinar, where Bryan Reid, Executive Director, Real Estate Research Solutions and David Neil, CEO, Genesta, discussed how real estate investors can adapt and keep up in a changing world, how factor frameworks could apply to real estate, and what increased awareness of climate risk could mean for the asset class.

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Sept 15 2021

Virtual Platform


Virtual Platform

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Event Speakers

David Neil

CEO, Partner | Genesta

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Bryan Reid

Executive Director, Real Estate Solutions Research | MSCI

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Sasha Thomas

Vice President, Real Estate EMEA | MSCI

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