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MSCI Webinar: Carbon Footprinting: Assess, Transition, Transform

Climate change presents one of the largest economic and political challenges of the 21st century. As the Montreal Carbon Pledge and the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition draw commitments, concerns about carbon risk continue to grow. Institutional investors are demanding greater transparency into the carbon emissions of their equity portfolios in order to help monitor, manage and mitigate exposure to carbon risk.

To support institutional investors looking to address the investment implications of climate change, MSCI ESG Research introduced a framework. Assessing the carbon footprint of a portfolio is the first step in understanding exposure to climate risk, allowing investors to set a baseline to inform future actions, and communicate internally and externally on progress.

Join MSCI ESG Research for a discussion of the key findings from our carbon footprint market consultation, the MSCI Index carbon footprint metrics, and insights from a leading European asset owner.

•Naomi English,
Global Head ESG Client Services, MSCI
•Laura Nishikawa, Head of ESG Fixed Income Research, MSCI
•Tom Kuh, Head ESG Indexes, MSCI
•Christina Olivecrona, Sustainability Analyst, Second Swedish National Pension Fund (AP2)
•Jack Robinson, Vice Chair, Trillium Asset Management

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