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Multi-Manager Analysis in BarraOne

MSCI Barra cordially invites you to a webinar where we present an analysis of how a multi-manager can use tools within BarraOne to understand changes in portfolio risk levels and characteristics over time identify manager style drift, and assess an investment manager’s “footprint”.

BarraOne is a global, web-based multi-asset class platform for portfolio risk analysis and performance attribution that offers a set of analytical tools that can assist with multi-manager analysis. It provides users with intuitive and actionable information with respect to constructing the optimal multi-manager mix, manager rebalancing, manager interrogation, monitoring manager skill, strategy, and risk within a multi-asset class setting.

Topics discussed:

  • Monitoring and selection of managers within a risk-return framework
  • Understanding manager risk and how it contributes to total plan risk
  • How to use factor exposures to detect manager style drift
  • How to use correlation and trend analysis to identify manager bets and overall diversification
  • Portfolio risk and exposures with external managers
  • Multi-manager risk reporting

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