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Pension Plan Risk Management at the Board Level

A challenge for Pension Boards in today’s volatile market environment is to understand the risks and opportunities inherent in their asset allocation decisions. Risk managers and investment staff at pension plans need to provide Boards with relevant and concise information that facilitates informed decision making.

In this webcast our Research and Consultant teams will give an overview of the key considerations for Pension Boards’ risk management. We will begin with a brief update on the market environment, then introduce the typical US Pension Plan allocation, and finally use BarraOne to analyze the plan’s risk and performance. We will highlight stress tests that are relevant to asset allocation decisions and comment on the positioning of the typical plan relative to benchmarks. The analysis is framed in a concise set of Pension Board Reports that give insight into to risk and performance profile of a US Pension Plan. 

Agenda Topics Include:
  • Risk management at the Board level
  • Asset allocation performance and risk
  • Stress testing
  • Positioning of the typical plan relative to benchmarks
  • BarraOne risk reports

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