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Real insights webinar series

Please listen below to the latest MSCI Real Estate Real insights webinar where Will Robson, Global Head of Real Estate Solutions Research, MSCI, was joined by Mahdi Mokrane, Head of Investment Strategy and Research, PATRIZIA to discuss the latest insights from our indexes and research published through Q1 2020.

This webinar focused on 5 key topics, see below timings of these sections to enable you to get the most from this recording.

  • Coronavirus research insight: 03:26
  • ‘What’s driven capital growth in real estate portfolios?’ blog: 04:20
  • ‘Real estate is about more than location during uncertain times’ blog: 12:27
  • Listed real estate index insights: 29:27
  • Private real estate index insights: 39:47

March 31, 2020




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