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Scenario Analysis in MSCI Analytics - US Fed Policy and the Threat of Stagflation

The Russia-Ukraine war has added another hurdle for the global economy coming after the inflation that resulted from substantial economic stimulus from governments responding to the pandemic. For investors, concerns mount over inflation, central banks’ potential tightening of monetary policy and slowing economic growth, among others.

To address the uncertainty over how the economy and monetary policy will evolve in the months to come join us to discuss leveraging MSCI research to design and implement stress tests to understand the impacts on your portfolio.

Agenda topics

  • The role of scenario analysis in the investment process
  • Challenges and best practices in setting up a stress test framework 
  • A step by step guide to designing and implementing MSCI Scenarios
  • Creating robust predictive stress tests

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May 12, 2022


10:00 am EDT


Virtual Platform

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