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Second Generation Private Real Estate Risk Modeling

Join us for a webinar covering the second generation Barra Private Real Estate Model (PRE2) in BarraOne. The new model uses global, granular data from IPD, a leading provider of real estate benchmarking and portfolio analysis services, to enhance the existing models, and broaden private real estate coverage to 31 countries on five continents.

During this webinar we explore the source IPD data behind the model, review the construction of the model - including the new Bayesian desmoothing methodology, and provide an overview of market insights of the model.

Agenda Topics

  • Exploring the global IPD data used to build the model
  • Reviewing model methodology
  • Surveying market insights
  • Analyzing private real estate in the context of a total plan or multi-asset class strategy
  • Case study: how to integrate the risk of global private real estate investments with multi-asset class plans and portfolios in BarraOne

Webinar slides are available here.

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