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TCFD-based climate reporting and scenario analysis for institutional investors

With climate-related risks posing a potential threat to the long-term resilience of investment portfolios and with climate reporting frameworks and regulations gaining momentum, there is a growing focus on investors’ climate risk management practices and disclosures. This webinar is aimed at supporting institutional investors who intend to report on their climate-related risk management processes according to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations. Several approaches can be used to develop a robust climate change strategy, depending on the investor’s objectives, investment strategy and time horizon. Such approaches often require robust data and analytics to identify key climate-related risks and opportunities, measure portfolio exposure, assess potential vulnerability, and inform the best course of action to manage those risks. We will identify key questions to consider, share examples from market participants and outline the tools available from MSCI to support TCFD implementation, including scenario analysis and stress testing solutions.

September 26, 2019



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