The Clock is Ticking on POINT - How Will You Navigate the Transition?

The recent announcement about the decommissioning of Barclays POINT has put a definitive timeline of 18 months to find  an alternative while minimizing disruption to your investment process. Given the compressed timeline, staying informed about the options available is critical.

To help you navigate the transition, this MSCI webinar will outline the timeline and process required to implement a new solution.

This session will also highlight MSCI’s sophisticated and extensive Fixed Income capabilities and present our latest research-driven Fixed Income innovations including our recently enhanced MSCI FIxed Income Factor Model.

• How to Approach this Critical Transition - Brad Burnett, Cutter Associates
• MSCI’s Deep Expertise in Fixed Income - Andrew Warner, MSCI
• New Research-Driven Innovative Approaches to Modeling Fixed Income - Peter Shepard, MSCI

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