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The Year in Review - Global Equity Markets in 2013

Join us for a webinar where we take a look back and examine the global equity markets in 2013 through the lenses of our factor models. We begin with an analysis of the global equity markets, using the Barra Global Equity Model (GEM3) to study which factors had the most significant returns for the year. We then describe the impressive performance of the global small-cap segment, and analyze the active return versus the broad equity market. Finally, we will report the levels of cross-sectional volatility in three distinct regions: the broad global market, emerging markets, and developed Europe and examine the relative importance of countries, industries and styles in explaining the cross-sectional volatility of stock returns within each region.

Agenda Topics:

  • Overview of the global equity markets in 2013 through the lens of the Barra Global Equity Model (GEM3)
  • Analysis of the global small-cap rally of 2013
  • Uncover the drivers of stock returns in global markets, emerging markets and developed Europe

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