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Thematic Investing Webinar Series – Bring the Future into view

Technological advancements are accelerating at a faster pace than ever before. Seismic shifts are taking place across many industries as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging technologies unlock the power of innovation to create new businesses and investment opportunities. The challenge for investors is identifying tomorrow’s market leaders and capitalizing on their high-growth potential. Whether it's digital economy, future mobility or the food value chain, each industry is going through a rapid transformation.  

Listen below to our webinars where we discussed the themes which we feel will shape the world tomorrow. Our panel of experts provided their insights on structural trends to help you capture an information advantage. 

Thematic Investing: A new way to view innovation beyond the Tech sector - Watch the session on demand. 

Thematic Investing: Capitalize on the digital transformation in the food value chain - Watch the session on demand. 

Sept 29-30 2021

Virtual Platform


Virtual Platform

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Event Speakers

Stephane Mattatia

Managing Director Global Equities Index Products | MSCI

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Matthieu Vincent

Co-founder, Partner | DigitalFoodLab

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Lukas Neckermann

Managing Director | Neckermann Strategic Advisors

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Costas Andriopoulos

Professor | Bayes Business School, United Kingdom

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Neeraj Kumar

Executive Director, New Product Research | MSCI

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Ketaki Garg

Vice President, New Product Research | MSCI

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