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Toward Sustainable Impact in Public Markets

Institutional investors are increasingly looking for ways to steer capital towards companies and projects that provide solutions to major social and environmental challenges, but achieving impact at scale can be a challenging proposition.  Following a market consultation, MSCI ESG Research developed a new Sustainable Impact framework and accompanying data and index, designed to measure exposure to sustainable impact solutions and support clients looking to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For example, an investment of USD 1 million into a sample portfolio replicating the MSCI ACWI Sustainable Impact Index is associated with approximately USD 181,203 in annual revenues from social impact solutions, as well and USD 359,349 in annual revenues from environmental impact solutions (as of March 1, 2016).

Watch the webinar recording to hear from MSCI ESG Research analysts on the market demand behind the new framework, details of the data and index, and potential use cases.

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