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Up in Smoke: Lessons Learned from the Volkswagen Scandal

The Volkswagen (VW) scandal caught many investors off guard. The repercussions are likely to be felt across the automobile industry for many years to come affecting companies and investors alike.

The scandal shines a light on the need for greater corporate transparency. It also ignites the debate over the value of ESG data to detect signals which may be missed by conventional analysis.

Join our panel of experts to examine what ESG data and research can tell us about the scandal. The lessons learned. What are the possible repercussions for automobile industry and what signals are available to investors to potentially detect future black swans.


  • Chair – Linda-Eling Lee, Global Head of ESG Research, MSCI
  • Alan Brett, Head of Corporate Governance Ratings Research, MSCI
  • Arne Klug, Senior Analyst for the Automobiles Industry, MSCI
  • Ian McVeigh, Head of Governance, Jupiter Asset Management

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