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Video Series: Spotlight on Emerging Sectors in Real Estate

As real estate investors search for yield and opportunities in new places, many are turning away from traditional sectors of Retail and Office to emerging sectors such as Healthcare and Hotels. 

In this series we will share a number of short videos that explore the associated trends and performance for each sector. 

Emerging sectors to be covered in the spotlight series are: 

  • Healthcare 
  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Long Income 

Spotlight on Emerging Sectors

For this introductory video Will Robson, Head of Real Estate Solutions Research spoke to Mahdi Mokrane, Head of Investment Strategy and Research, PATRIZIA about what factors are driving the emergence of these sectors and how they are appearing in different portfolios across different regions.

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Spotlight on Healthcare

In this video Eneas Gounaris, Real Estate Client Coverage, explores the relative strong performance of the healthcare sector in comparison to other sectors across both the UK and continental Europe.

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Spotlight on Residential

For this video on residential Maarten Broek, Client Consultant, MSCI considers the nuances of Residential as an emerging sector as well as the performance trends across the globe at a regional and even city level. 

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Spotlight on Hotels

In this video Esthel Lougrat and Guillaume Choumil, Real Estate Client Coverage look at the Hotel sector and how this emerging sector is performing across Europe.

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Spotlight on Long Income

In the final video in our emerging sectors series Ed White, UK Client Consultant looks at the long income sector which is now a significant proportion of the wider UK property index. He also provides a breakdown of the sector and how it has performed across geographies and compared to other sectors

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June 24 2021


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