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We help you stay one step ahead as private capital becomes increasingly important.

We are private capital specialists. For over 40 years we have been at the forefront in delivering quality data, analytics and solutions to help private asset teams build their private capital portfolios with confidence.

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Private capital

  • 5,350Fund managers

  • 20,700Funds

  • 240,000Assets1

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We speak the language of private markets

Private assets are playing a growing role in institutional portfolios. That means investors need reliable insights throughout the investment process. At MSCI, we offer an in-depth look at private capital portfolios and investments, with analytics, benchmarking and investment decision support that allows you to view funds by vintage, asset class, geography and a range of other metrics.

  • Private i® Platform

    We help limited partners (LPs) and general partners (GPs) make confident decisions and function efficiently with a distinct combination of data transparency and quality, leading analytics and private capital solutions.

  • Total Plan (formerly Caissa)

    We help CIOs make investment decisions with conviction for their entire portfolio by creating clarity and control over unstructured and opaque public and private data.

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Our Capabilities

  • Portfolio Management

    Manage your portfolio with conviction. Our platform is designed to organize and integrate private asset information into a centralized hub and empower users with the clarity needed to build better portfolios.

  • Transparency Data

    Gain a panoramic view into the holdings of your private capital investments with the dataset that is 100% LP-sourced and MSCI-enriched with research-based insights. Data is continuously gathered from original source documents provided by managers, augmented with extensive research, and uniformly classified and checked.

  • Universe Data and Analytics

    Tap into over 40 years of private capital fund data sourced directly from LPs. This database provides global investors with research-quality performance and cash flow data for funds and their holdings across private capital strategies, including buyout, venture and expansion capital, private debt, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources.

  • Private Capital Indexes

    Gain a new window into performance. See how your fund or portfolio compares to the market or peers with our fleet of distinct indexes, calculated from our Private Capital Manager Universe, for asset owners, asset managers and GPs. Or design your own index.

  • Carbon Footprinting of Private Equity and Debt Funds

    Gain insight into climate risk for the private assets in your portfolio. Measure exposure to emissions for 50,000 private companies and 6,000 private funds.

  • Quarterly Performance Summary

    Powered by the Private Capital Manager Universe, this quarterly summary provides up-to-date insight into private capital performance, based on since inception quarterly returns and cash flow data for over 13,000 private capital funds and funds of funds.

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Standardized sustainability and climate data


    Private Company Data Connect

    Systematically collect sustainability data at scale from portfolio companies through our integrated, cloud-based platform, MSCI ONE, to help improve transparency and accountability.

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Private Capital Manager Universe

Our solutions are powered by our Private Capital Manager Universe, designed to help you contextualize relative manager performance and understand the cash flow and valuation behavior of private asset investments.2

  • One of the largest collections of funds with extensive coverage of historical performance data and cash flow profiles
  • Dataset of private capital funds, funds of funds and their holdings, dating back over 40 years
  • Covers over 240,000 underlying holdings, representing over $11 trillion in capital
  • Contains quarterly returns and cash flow data since inception for over 13,000 funds
  • Calculates over 130 indexes

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  • 1 As of January 1, 2024.
  • 2 All data as of September 30, 2023.