Why MSCI Real Assets?

Why real assets?

As an investment asset class, real assets encompass tangible assets such as real estate and infrastructure.

Unlike regularly priced stocks and bonds, real assets are more illiquid and opaque, and have inherent physical worth.

With a history of bringing clarity and consistency to the complex, MSCI is well positioned to drive industry transparency in the real assets space. Furthermore, MSCI is empowering more informed decision making across the real assets investment process, from due diligence and transaction intelligence, to supporting the inclusion and measurement of real assets as part of a multi-asset class investment strategy.

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Our Solutions

Our solutions

Our platforms enable clients to more effectively identify opportunities, conduct pre-deal due diligence, analyze performance and risk and build more sustainable multi-asset class strategies.

We provide real-time, decision-critical data overlaid with the capability to construct, manage and measure portfolios, assess climate change exposure and rental income risk, conduct transaction searches at speed and benchmark performance.

Clients can access our solutions via our platforms or direct to their systems.

Global market data

  • Global Intel

    Private real estate often demands an understanding of the complex intersection of a range of different risk factors in order to generate returns. For 40 years, we have been collecting data from investors across 32 countries and have created one of the most extensive private real estate databases in the world.

  • Real Capital Analytics

    With over $40 trillion of commercial property transactions linked to over 200,000 investor and lender profiles, our granular data universe delivers the transparency you need to develop strategy, evaluate risk and execute deals.

  • Datscha

    Comprehensive and accurate commercial property intelligence.


  • Enterprise Analytics

    Real Estate Enterprise Analytics provides global market and portfolio analytics that fit your view of the real estate investment world, allowing you to evaluate the total performance of your entire real estate portfolio and how you’re managing it.


    Real estate is a diverse asset class. Every property is unique and no two portfolios provide the same returns. However, rental income risk is a critical concern for real estate investors regardless of asset location, sector, fund size or strategy.

  • Real Estate Climate Solutions

    We help real estate investors integrate climate, performance and risk analysis to build more sustainable portfolios.

Real Assets Indexes

  • Private Real Assets Index Factsheets

    We are committed to helping the real estate investment sector raise its information, reporting and transparency standards to the level of the mainstream exchange traded asset classes.

Breadth and depth

Breadth and depth

Our portfolio management tools, indexes and micro-to-macro market data are underpinned by our growing, uniquely client-informed fund and property data universe, now comprising USD 31 trillion in private real estate assets across more than 170 markets.

Following our acquisition of Real Capital Analytics and Datscha, we now maintain the industry’s only global real-time database of commercial real estate transactions, developments, recapitalizations and refinancings.

This depth, alongside our strategic partnerships with private markets data company, Burgiss, and tenant default risk analysis firm, Income Analytics, means we can drive transparency and precision across the investment process for clients worldwide.

Our Clients

Our clients

From asset owners investing across private and public real estate, to wealth and investment managers building portfolios, REITs targeting a specific market segment or a broker closing a deal; we provide critical investment data, tools and benchmarks, across strategies, geographies and the entire liquidity spectrum.

Real Assets Our Solutions

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