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Q4 2023

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Investment Trends in Focus Quarterly Roundtable

Our quarterly roundtable examines markets, and market-moving events to help institutional investors as they determine the best way forward; across asset classes and parsing out differences between developed and emerging markets.

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  • Higher Rates for Longer

    How could higher global rates for longer than expected affect a global portfolio of equities, bonds and real estate? In our new quarterly series, Macro Scenarios In Focus, we consider four potential paths for the global economy and conduct a portfolio stress test.

  • Narrow Yield Spread and High Crowding Pressure Equities

    Eclipsing equity and bond yields and high crowding may be signs of a vulnerable equity market. We compare equity/bond yield spreads in the major regional markets along with crowding in sectors and regions.

  • On Demand: Markets in Focus: Narrow Yield Spread and High Crowding Pressure Equities Watch Now

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