Real estate overview

Real estate and real estate related securities continue to be the most popular alternative investment for many institutional investors. We offer an expansive range of regional and global indexes, research, performance modeling, data metrics and risk analytics across direct property, listed and unlisted vehicles, joint ventures, separate accounts and debt. Contact our dedicated client services team to learn more about our real estate investment offerings.

Analytics overview

Our real estate analytics enable robust and independent measurement and analysis to track portfolio performance and risk. This analysis, which reports performance at fund, portfolio or asset level, can make a key contribution to asset allocation and management efficiency. Sectors covered our real estate performance and risk analytics suite include agriculture, derivatives, healthcare, hotels, infrastructure, occupiers, lending, logistics, residential, retail, social housing,  and sustainability. Contact our dedicated client service team to learn more.

The IPD Rental Information Service (IRIS) helps researchers, fund managers and investors assess the strengths and weaknesses of their future income. It monitors cashflow risk by credit rating individual tenants and analysing lease structures in detail.

The Global Analytics Portal, a new dynamic platform for real estate performance and risk analysis, allows for innovative performance and risk benchmarking of both global markets and individual portfolios through greater flexibility and ease of access.

MSCI recognises the impact that environmental considerations have on financial performance (both risk and return) and continue to address the gap between what is available and what is needed by real estate Investors in the field of environmental metrics.

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Indexes overview


We produce indexes for both privately-held real estate portfolios, as well as publicly-listed organizations. We hold the privately-held real estate information of hundreds of institutional investors’ real estate portfolios. This information has produced a unique database which holds almost 80,000 searchable properties, valued at approximately USD 1.7trillion, which are located in 32 countries. The information provides a long performance history (25+ years for many markets) and which are mostly appraised quarterly.

The Global Methodology Standards for Real Estate Investment describes the main procedures, methods and rules which govern MSCI’s definition and computation of IPD indexes and benchmarks.

Market Information

MSCI’s private real estate market information dataset, MSCI Global Intel incorporates more than 3,000 direct property indexes in 30 countries, including a unique coverage of more than 240 cities worldwide.

The analytics content available within MSCI Global Intel is listed in the MSCI Global Intel measures guide.

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The MSCI Global Data Standards for Real Estate Investment together with the MSCI Global Methodology Standards for Real Estate Investment aim to provide a new platform of data definitions and calculations that support integrated measurement of performance and risk for private commercial real estate investments.

The MSCI Global Data Standards for Real Estate Investment provide the basis of data definitions upon which all our private commercial real estate products are now built.  They reflect the fact that real estate is no longer mainly the focus of domestic investors whose mandates are defined by national boundaries. The Global Data Standards have been developed to define and standardize the data that underpin performance measurement and risk reporting in an era of ambitious cross-border real estate investment strategies.

There are already a number of real estate standards in existence today, or currently under development, and most of these focus on best practices in valuation and governance. The MSCI Global Data Standards for Real Estate Investment  are intended to complement these by focusing on the data needed for investment performance measurement at the fund, asset and tenant level.

Potential benefits include:

  • Better informed decision-making through enhanced cross-border and cross-asset class comparability.
  • Improved data quality and quicker availability of performance results, due to process rationalization.

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With our matchless real estate database which contains huge quantities of financial and descriptive data on individual assets, we can interrogate the data to find interesting correlations and create valuable research on our findings. We create direct real estate research which studies market performance trends based on asset-level data. Owners, managers and advisers use this research to understand changes in property values and incomes. We construct fund level indexes (where returns reflect the impacts of leverage and fees) to improve our understanding of global unlisted vehicle performance. We are at the cutting edge of real estate investment research as we create new datasets on emerging and niche areas, including commercial mortgages, infrastructure and social housing.


MSCI has consulted on EU Benchmark Regulation in relation to the MSCI Asset-based and fund-based Real Estate Indexes:

  • The conclusion to the consultation can be found here
  • The consultation materials can be found here.
  • The announcement can be found here.