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Real Estate Investing
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Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

MSCI Real Estate powers better investment decisions through relentless innovations in differentiated content, flexible technology and actionable solutions.

We are a leading provider of real estate investment tools, delivering critical business intelligence to institutional investors and real estate owners, managers and brokers worldwide.

Our extensive suite of real estate products is unique in the industry, and is comprised of global market indexes, global market and portfolio performance analysis through MSCI Real Estate Enterprise Analytics and MSCI Global Intel, our market data engine which underpins our real estate offerings.

MSCI's Real Estate team is passionate about bringing our clients the latest innovations and insights to help them solve their investment and risk problems effectively.

Our flexible products are designed to assist teams across the entire investment enterprise. Whether involved in asset allocation and strategy development, the execution of that strategy or reporting on performance and regulation, MSCI Real Estate can help those working throughout the whole investment process.

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Real Estate as an Asset Class

Real Estate as an Asset Class

Real Estate is going mainstream. This complex and opaque asset class has moved from alternative to a significant share of allocation over the last two decades.

Real Estate is also becoming increasingly globalized, driven by the world’s largest asset owners. More broadly, an improved understanding of the role of real estate within the multi-asset class portfolio and an increased awareness of the potential diversification benefits from international real estate exposure are also impacting real estate investing trends. At MSCI Real Estate we’ve identified the emerging real estate trends for 2019 that may impact investing decisions this year and beyond. Watch the video to discover the top five trends.

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The suite of MSCI Private Real Estate Indexes provide comprehensive and consistent measurement of both real estate fund (levered) and direct real estate (unlevered) asset performance and risk to help you build better real estate portfolios. All MSCI Private Real Estate Indexes are developed based on our Global Methodology Standards, ensuring consistency across markets, and serve as the basis for MSCI’s Private Real Estate Risk Models.

Download our MSCI Private Real Assets Indexes brochure to access the full list of our indexes.

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Our index coverage is broad and deep, spanning $2 trillion of private real estate assets across more than 30 countries, over 18.5 years (on average).1

The wide coverage of our headline financial performance indexes enhances market transparency for real estate institutional investors across the world.

1 Based on 2018 year-end figures of msci real estate

Our market size estimates are fundamental to the creation of the MSCI Real Estate Global Annual Property Index and a range of other multinational indexes and benchmarks. Read our MSCI Real Estate Market Size 2018 paper for the latest estimates.

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MSCI Real Estate Enterprise Analytics (Enterprise Analytics) provides global market and portfolio analytics to fit your view of the real estate investment world. With greater data interrogation capabilities, Enterprise Analytics delivers deeper analysis than ever before. Whether you’re a large or small investment house, you can achieve the level of analysis that you need. Big or small, it delivers transparency at every level.

Enterprise Analytics provides analytics to help support your decision making whoever you are, wherever you are in the investment process, whatever your industry and when you need it.

MSCI Real Estate Analytics Portal, our single integrated platform, allows clients to tailor analysis on demand across portfolios and benchmarks, helping them in the rapidly changing real estate investment environment.

For more information go to our Enterprise Analytics webpage

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Risk analytics

MSCI Real Estate provides support to manage volatility by incorporating analysis on major income risk factors such as lease structure, income concentration and credit risk. Our commitment to include risk in all spheres of income analysis aim to allow researchers, fund managers and asset managers to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their future cash flows.

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Market Information

Market Information

MSCI Global Intel provides insights into real estate market data that are consistent and comparable, robust and tailorable, constantly evolving and objective. Leveraging one of the most extensive private real estate databases in the world, it is designed to support a unique level of market transparency.

MSCI Global Intel video

MSCI Global Intel

Watch the video to learn more about Global Intel

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Real Estate research commonly focuses on monitoring market trends in rents, yields and prices.  Although useful for broad market context, investors may also seek to understand what these high-level trends mean for investment performance at the asset level and how they aggregate across portfolios. MSCI Real Estate research aims to bridge this gap by leveraging our unique dataset and the analytical capabilities of MSCI Global Intel and Enterprise Analytics, which provide insight into market and portfolio analytics.

Combining this differentiated content and research can help investors across the enterprise – from strategy formation and portfolio management to asset underwriting and risk – obtain actionable investment insights based on broad and deep information.

Working in the context of MSCI’s broader, multi-asset class research team, we can also help clients across the investment process – from high-level asset allocation through real estate portfolio management down to individual asset appraisal – with research insights relevant to their decision making.

Our research includes:

  • A range of short papers applying our data and analytics to important industry issues such as:

- E-commerce and its impact on bricks and mortar retail real estate
- The relative attractiveness of global gateway cities for office investment strategies
- Whether the industrial sector is benefitting from a structural change in demand

  • Easy to digest blogs covering topics from asset appraisal through to multi-asset class scenario modelling, in partnership with the wider MSCI Research team.
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